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Summer Camp FAQs | 2020 Policies & Procedures

**Updated June 16th, 2020

We continue to be grateful for the support in the arts and having the ability to hold our Theatre Camps this summer. We would like you to know that Elm Street is dedicated to make your child’s experience as safe, comfortable, and fun as possible.

In order for Elm Street to hold camps this summer, due to State Executive Orders and COVID-19 CDC Recommendations, there are some updates we have made to our camp procedures that we are required to follow this summer. This also has adjusted our camp curriculum slightly, which might be different for those of you that are returning from previous summers.

To assist you in preparation for joining us at camp this summer, here is a link to an informational guide about Camp Procedures as well as list below of FAQs to help families as we re-open on June 22nd.

Child Safety During COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Will staff be required to wear masks?
Staff is required to wear masks during drop-off and pick-up. Masks are recommended during camp hours but not required of campers and staff.

I would like my child to wear a mask at camp. How will Elm Street ensure that my child wears his or her mask at camp?
Staff will encourage your child to wear their mask for the duration of camp, however if the mask becomes a distraction to the child or camp, we will be calling you to pick up your child.

How can I prepare my child to attend camp at Elm Street?
Parents and guardians are encouraged to take their child’s temperature every day before arriving. If the temperature reading is 100.4°F or higher, campers must be kept at home. Upon arrival at camp, staff will take each child’s temperature again with a no-touch forehead thermometer. If a reading of 100.4°F or higher is recorded, the camper will not be allowed to enter the building.

What should I do if my child is ill?
Any signs of illness should be taken seriously, and the camper must be kept at home. Please consult your pediatrician for treatment advice based on your child’s symptoms.

Will temperature checks be conducted at Elm Street?
Elm Street must check all staff and campers every morning before entering the building per State Executive Orders. If any camper exhibits identifiable symptoms throughout the day, we will recheck their temperature. If temperature changes to 100.4°F or higher, we will be calling you to pick up your child.

What is Elm Street’s protocol if a child or staff shows signs of COVID-19?
If a child or Elm Street staff member shows signs of exhibiting a temperature greater than 100°F or higher, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell, that person will be separated from the group immediately and will be required to leave the building as soon as possible.
If a parent/guardian is contacted and asked to pick up their child, that parent/guardian should remain in their vehicle and call Elm Street upon arrival. Staff will bring the sick child to your vehicle.
Any areas used by persons who are sick will be closed and thoroughly cleaned following CDC guidelines. Local health officials, staff, and families will be notified immediately while maintaining confidentiality as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Campers or staff that have stayed home sick will not be permitted to attend or return to camp again until they either have had a negative COVID-19 test or have been fever and fever medication free for seventy-two (72) hours, other symptoms have improved, and at least ten (10) days have passed since symptoms first appeared.

Where and when should I drop my child off for camp?
Drop-off/pick-up will take place in the upper portion of our parking lot (Towne Lake Pkwy entrance). Cones and signs will indicate where you need to drive, as well as staff. Please do not leave your vehicle.
Drop-off times for Junior Camp is 8:45am-9:00am. For Middle Camp is 9:00am-9:15am.
Pick-up times for Junior Camp is 4:30pm-4:45pm. For Middle Camp is 4:45pm-5:00pm.

What is the sign-in process like?
Campers leave their vehicle, have their temperature screened, and once approved–will be walked to the entrance by staff. Check-in will be mandated at the door.

What is the pick-up/sign-out process like?
Signage will be given to parents/guardians to display in their car for pick-up and staff will bring the camper to your vehicle. You must have this signage in order to pick-up your child. Parents/guardians must give an approved list of people picking up their child when registering and drivers cannot be added to that list during the camp week. Campers will wash their hands upon leaving and be escorted to their vehicles by staff.

Will hand-sanitizing stations be available at drop-off/pick-up?
Hand sanitizing stations will be located inside the building for the duration of camp operations. In addition, staff will have hand sanitizer on their person.

Will I be able to walk my child to camp?
We encourage all parents/guardians to remain in their vehicle during drop-off/pick-up times to respect social distancing and State Executive Orders.

Will I be able to drop-off something for my child?
All items that have been forgotten, unless necessary for the camper (ex. medicine, lunch), should remain at home. If you need to drop-off something important, please contact our offices (678.494.4251) to schedule a drop-off time. No visitors are allowed in the building during camp hours.

How many campers will be assigned to a classroom?
There will be no more than twenty-five (25) people in a room at a given time throughout the camp week. This includes campers and staff. Camp registration numbers are limited to 14-16 campers per group.

Will campers be engaging with different groups during the week?
The goal is to keep both Junior and Middle camp separated throughout the camp week. Drop-off/pick-up times are staggered for this reason. There will be no large group activities. Camp Counselors will remain with their assigned camp group all week. Activities for each group will take place in either the rehearsal rooms downstairs or the auditorium.

How will you enforce handwashing during the day?
Campers will be required to wash their hands upon entering Elm Street each day, after restroom breaks, before and after lunch/snack breaks, between rooms, and before pick-up. Hand sanitizer stations will be made available to camp only and also will be available by staff.

Will activity spaces be sanitized?
Every room that is utilized by a camp during the day will be sanitized by staff every time a camp group leaves the room. Surfaces will be wiped down, trash will be taken out (if used), and the floor will be cleaned. Campers are to use hand sanitizer or wash hands between rooms.

Can my child bring nuts or food containing nuts to camp?
Elm Street encourages campers to refrain from having nuts due to potential allergies.

Will Elm Street be providing lunch or snacks for campers?
Children are required to bring their own lunches; please send your children to camp with any snacks, lunch and a drink. Food sharing will not be permitted. If needed, staff will assist campers with opening food items while wearing gloves.

Can my child bring a refillable water bottle? Will they have access to a water fountain?
Refillable water bottles are encouraged and can be refilled at the water bottle station in the lobby. Water fountains will not be used during camp.

Where will my child eat lunch?
Lunch will take place in a designated area setup and sanitized downstairs with tables and chairs.

What is the cancellation policy?
Elm Street has made a significant investment to meet the changing protocols and protect the health and safety of our staff and your children. We understand if you must cancel, and we will honor the cancellation policy below; however, as a nonprofit whose mission is critical to our business, we encourage you to apply your camp fee to another week of camp–if space permits, a future class, or donate your dollars to Elm Street as a tax-deductible gift.
There is a $75.00 non-refundable fee (included in camp fees) if canceled any time after registering. Due to this unique circumstance, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy.

Can I carpool with another camper?
Given COVID-19 social distancing guidance, carpooling is not encouraged. Drivers will be issued a sign to hang in their car and only those on the camper’s approved driver list will have a sign (to assist with no contact pick-up). Parents/guardians must give an approved list of people picking up their child when registering and drivers cannot be added to that list during the camp week.

Is there a show at the end of the week?
Due to State Executive Orders, our organization is currently not permitted to hold a live performance with an audience. We have taken steps to provide a quality live stream option of the show as well as provide a quality video recording. Based on current regulations, Elm Street will be live streaming the performance and will be made PRIVATE and only accessible to those in the camp.
Junior Camp’s show will be at 1:30pm on the Friday of camp and Middle camp’s show will be at 2:30pm on the Friday of camp. These shows will take place via LIVE STREAM to a private link that will be given to parents/guardians at the beginning of the camp week and on Friday. 
Campers will stay until the end of camp on Friday for regular pick-up routine–and camp has planned for fun camp party activities following their show as well as a red carpet farewell.

Additional questions? Contact:

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