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Gift cards

Give the gift of experiences any time of year! 

You've asked and we'll deliver - to you or them!

Now you can order your very own Woodstock Arts Gift Card that makes the perfect gift for any arts & culture enthusiast!

Use Gift Cards on:

Tickets to theatre productions, Lantern Series concerts, and WIT Improv shows! *Call our offices to redeem for pre-sale online tickets. 

Concessions when you join us for an event, like candy for the kids or a refreshing Reformation beer for our kids at heart!

Education registration on classes, camps, and workshops for both adults and children! *Call our offices to redeem.


Looking to get your tickets ahead of time and want to use a Gift Card? Give our Offices a call at (678) 494-4251 Tuesday through Friday from 10:00am-6:00pm and we’ll get you squared away with tickets to one of our theatre productions, a table or seats to a Lantern Series concert, or an WIT Improv show!

Upcoming Events

Out and about in Downtown Woodstock and hear about an event that day? Before the show, stop by our Box Office in the lobby (indoor performances in City Center Auditorium that have At The Door tickets available) or our Ticket Tent outside the Event Green (Lantern Series concerts and outdoor performances that are not sold out) and use your Gift Card for tickets!

Load up on all your concessions needs, from candy and popcorn in the Theatre to a bottle of wine for your table at the Lantern Series! Treat yourself and others!

Explore your creative side! We offer a variety of classes, camps, and workshops (for both adults and children) that provide training in theatre, performance arts, and visual arts no matter your experience or skill level! Give our Offices a call at (678) 494-4251 Tuesday through Friday from 10:00am-6:00pm and we’ll get you or your loved one signed up!

Upcoming Opportunities

Wake up in a cold sweat worried about not having enough balance on your Gift Card? Check how much you currently have on – day or night!

Gift Cards are also 100% reloadable and reusable!

  • Give our Offices a call at (678) 494-4251 Tusday through Friday from 10:00am-6:00pm to reload!
  • At an event? Reload right then and there with the help of one of our Visionaries or staff members!

Questions about your Gift Card? Email!



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