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Meet Christopher Brazelton | Executive Director

We had the good fortune of connecting with Christopher Brazelton and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Christopher, can you talk to us a bit about the social impact of your business?
I think the arts have an incredible impact on our local communities. For us specifically, we like to look for opportunities to leverage the art that we are producing for specific needs. For instance, when we produced The Wizard of Oz we partnered with several other Foster Care agencies to create a “No Place Like Home” initiative to increase respite care providers in the county. For our Concert Series, the Lantern Series, we want to ensure that we are leveraging what is happening on the stage to create a positive impact through interpersonal connections and continued learning. We believe this leads to inspiration, thus cultural, economic, and social growth. This last year, nearly 1 our of every 5 first time visitors to the Lantern Series returned to a second concert or has purchased a ticket to an upcoming concert. Not a huge statistic until you learn what the Lantern Series is about, it isn’t exclusive to a genre or culture, it celebrates different cultures under one umbrella, so every concert is a new genre and culture. This means that almost 1 out of every 5 people that purchased a ticket again are choosing to leave the genre/artist that attracted them in the first place and return to a less comfortable genre. Giving these people a chance to learn a new perspective, and increase our shared lived experience.

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