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Elm Street: Unlocking a New Life and Passion

Unlocking a New Life and Passion

Last year, Elm Street Cultural Arts Village brought 25,000 visitors to downtown Woodstock with its award-winning theater and outdoor concerts, and gave free performances for more than 11,000 Cherokee County school children. In the past three years, the organization has garnered 60 nominations and six wins at the Metro Atlanta Theater (MAT) Awards, including Best Actor (Garrett Taketa as Lennie in “Of Mice and Men,”) Best Actress (Kate Johnson as Alice Murphy in “Bright Star”) and Best Musical Ensemble for “Bright Star.”

Yet, it is arguably not the arts experience that makes Elm Street remarkable. It is the “people experience” — the good will and friendships forged every day between people, often wildly different from one another, who work together, shoulder to shoulder, to create beautiful works of art.

Elm Street’s most important creation is community.

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