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How and Why We Tell The Story

Humans have told stories since the dawn of time. From drawings in caves surrounded by family and neighbors to the group chat we have with some of our best friends on our phones, we use stories to communicate and connect to one another. We’re able to share a laugh, cry, smile, and so much more through the action of telling someone something. Words aren’t the only way to get a story across either! At Elm Street we use a variety of art forms to tell stories, whether that’s music, dance, theatre, a painting, or a laugh!

When we decided to open our 2020-21 Season of Character with Qui Nguyen’s She Kills Monsters, we knew that we had to tell this story. The story of how a young woman learns more about herself and her recently passed away sister through discovering her old Dungeons & Dragons module. When the game comes to life before her eyes she’s not only confronted by sword fights, ogres, and fairies, but also the life she never knew her sister led. Those are the stories that make you lean in, listen, and laugh too. But what do you do when telling an important story like this doesn’t make sense in person just yet?

Well, you go digital – again!

While we had to forgo live performances of the Season Opener She Kills Monsters due to COVID-19 concerns surrounding live indoor theatrical performances, we are thrilled to be launching a complete digital experience of Qui Nguyen’s comedic and heartwarming take on nerd culture and Dungeons & Dragons that audiences can enjoy from the comfort and safety of home between August 14th and August 23rd! We had such an overwhelmingly positive response from our digital version of K. Willow Coleman’s Helvetica this past spring that we had to give it another go with this story! Here’s what it includes:

  • A recorded version of the play that you can stream from August 14th through August 23rd, filmed by Personalized Technology Services and David Thompson Technologies LLC (DDT-Live) – the same team behind our digital production of Helvetica
  • A digital copy of the program
  • Exclusive web content on the production and show
  • An online gallery of production photos
  • And maybe a few surprises or two up our sleeves!

Here’s how it works:
By purchasing a Show Pass for your household, you will receive a link via email with a unique password to access She Kills Monsters digitally. Included in your digital package is a recorded version of the play that is available to stream from August 14th through August 23rd.

The complete digital package is available now! Be one of the first to experience it!

To make this as safe and accessible as possible, we are offering our digital experience of She Kills Monsters as a pay-per-view model of $20.00 per household! If you enjoy it, we ask that you consider supporting Elm Street with a tax-deductible donation and/or sharing this production with family, friends, and co-workers which will help our programming continue during these difficult times.

Thank you for your support of this story and this community! 

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