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The best places for live music in Downtown Woodstock? Several spots make the cut

Downtown Woodstock has become the go-to place to take in live music in and around Cherokee County. Concertgoers from all over north Georgia now show up in droves to take in amazing musical performances.  Woodstock is a place where on any given Saturday you can see both under-the-radar bands right before they break into the mainstream and touring nostalgia acts playing to packs of families, rocking out. Maybe it’s got something to do with the authenticity and talent of local Woodstock artists. Maybe it’s the vibe of the crowd and the appreciative audiences. Being able to carry your drink around with you probably helps, too. Whatever the reason, the music scene is alive and thriving in Woodstock, Georgia.

If you’re planning on spending the upcoming cool summer nights outside enjoying live music, where should you go?

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