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Reeves House Update

The Reeves House is Elm Street Cultural Arts Village’s upcoming visual arts center that is projected to open sometime this May. It is being built at cost by John Wieland Homes and funded by donations from the City of Woodstock, private foundations, as well as other companies and individual community members.

Lots of progress has been made on the construction of the Reeves House! The exterior siding and paint have been completed, the concrete porches have been poured, interior painting has been done, and the shiplap accent wall behind the coffee/wine bar that extends across the adjacent ceiling has also been installed.

Other cool historical touches that visitors can look forward to seeing are the interior sliding barn door, which was constructed by using salvaged wood from the original Reeves House. Engraved bricks that were sold to the community to raise funds for the new visual arts center will be embedded between sections of the concrete porch as well as in other exterior accents. Fundraiser bricks will be interspersed with bricks from the home’s old fireplace chimney that had remained on the land for years. The Juanita Hughes History Room also features a piece of wood above the doorway that was salvaged from the original Reeves House.

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