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Get To Know Visual Artist Betsy Khuri!

Art (and clay) can imitate life!

In May I met (virtually) with local visual artist Betsy Khuri to discuss her distinctive artistic flair and approach to painting & pottery! Betsy taught our first ever pottery class this fall online as part of The Kish Pottery Center’s educational programming! I wanted to know more about her approach to her art:

Christopher: And correct me if I’m wrong but based off of what you said, what I’m hearing is that – not that it’s an intentional meaning, especially if it’s..voluntarily…reactive to your emotions but um there’s not an overarching agenda with your pieces. 

However, it sounds like they tend to..comment on...maybe a-a whole ecosystem or a connectivity of all living things? Is that fair?

Betsy: That’s-that’s really great, I wish I could remember that and put that in my Bio somewhere, Christopher! [laughs] That’s perfect! It’s true though, you know, like, we’re all connected and like – all these things that we’re feeling and dealing with every day, you know, that all comes out I everyone, you know? In how your meal is prepared at night, you know? Like, it’s just, it’s just… and you know, life takes over, whether we want it to or not. 

And I think that's kind of what happens in art is, you know, my life comes out in the clay, whether I like it or not.

Learn Even More About Clay from Betsy!

We have some virtual clay shenanigans planned for this fall with our new pottery classes that are 100% digital, interactive, and we supply you with all the materials you need!

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