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Creating With Your Hands (and Screen!)

If you are breathing you are qualified to make art!! As children we are open and free and aren’t afraid to paint and create. It’s my goal as a teacher to take away the fear and uncertainty of adult students. There are no mistakes with art! I teach material techniques and ways to express ideas but my goal is to get you to rerelease your childhood sense of excitement and passion. Art classes are about being open to learning the process, having fun and making new friends. I learn as much from my students as they learn from me! Hear from some former students from my Virtual Clay Shenanigans classes:

Betsy has been teaching digital clay classes at Elm Street since September as part of our programming with the Kish Center! Check out some of our upcoming pottery & ceramics classes, both online and in-person!

Betsy Khuri, of Betsy Oh Art, works in sculptural clay combining found objects and metals. Her finishes include underglazes, oxides, silver leaf, encaustic wax, and glazes. She finds inspiration for her bold and colorful surreal work from the human form, nature, old photographs, and travel. Her work frequently combines the human form with animals. Her red hair is from a box, she rarely ties her shoes and always has a hard time finding her phone. Betsy sells her work online if you can distract her from counting ceiling tiles or fighting for equal rights for every human. You can follow @betsyohart on Instagram and Facebook.

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