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ART ON THE Spot// Artist Interest form


Art on the Spot is a monthly event where three artist create art “on the spot” and a piece from each artist is raffled off at the end of the night! 

 Each artist gets a complementary drink from our Wine and Coffee Bar and 25% of raffle profits (excluding taxes and fees) 

Event Schedule:

5pm-6pm Artists Set-up

6pm-8:30pm Create artwork

8:30pm Raffle Winners Announced

Artist should prepare ahead of time as much as necessary to ensure that they are able to complete the artwork within the 2.5 hour time frame. If it is not possible artist will need to bring an alternative artwork that has already been completed to present to the raffle winner. This alternate piece must be on display during the event.

 We encourage artists to work on a smaller scale and not spend too much money on materials to limit the artist’s out of pocket expenses. The Reeves House is unable to provide reimbursement for any materials purchased by the artist, regardless of the amount earned from the raffle ticket sales.

Artist can bring additional work to sell. There will be no commission taken on additional sales, but the artist must process the sales themselves.


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