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A Legally Blonde Update from Christopher

Dear Woodstock Arts Family,
If we have learned anything over the last 18 months – it’s that things do not go as planned. In the execution of that plan it is best to take ownership of where to steer and how to continue moving forward despite the obstacles thrown our way.
For Legally Blonde, that means we are going to open the show a few days later than anticipated on Sunday, August 15th at 2:30pm. For Woodstock Arts we have been learning how to serve our community in the best ways possible, while also finding new ways to do so. Amidst that, I have also been relearning the fun, grit, chaos, and intricacies that it takes to make the magic of theatre happen.
In continuing to learn, I want to honor the care that so many people have poured into this organization. While our guests have anticipated this show for over a year, the incredibly talented cast, the dedicated crew, and wonderful creative team have emptied themselves into this joyous and fun show. Opening Sunday will give everyone the opportunity to experience the best show.
In relearning all it takes to make theatre happen, I anticipated a smoother pickup as if the complexities could be picked up the same as 18 months ago. In saying that, I want to provide as much support to the team to provide the best show experience for everyone.
If you have already purchased tickets for the 13th or 14th you have received a call or voicemail from us. We will be happy to make it right in whatever way that means for you.
Thank you all for your understanding. We look forward to bringing you the fun and fabulous show that Legally Blonde is on the 15th and throughout the rest of the run!
– Christopher Brazelton, Executive Director

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