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The Rocky Horror Show Auditions

Rehearsals Begin

August 22, 2022

Performance Schedule

October 14
- October 30, 2022


It’s a dark and stormy night in the summer of 1997. Neighborhood hangout Castle Video- your one-stop destination for the wildest and weirdest films available on VHS- is closing its doors for the final time. The local misfit cinephiles gather to raise a few bottles and say goodbye, which prompts a singalong of songs from their favorite movie. Then, a sweet young couple with a flat tire arrives at the door, asking for a phone. As they welcome the unexpected guests, everyone in the store begins to assume certain roles: the rebels of Rocky Horror (and their love for shock and showbiz) are becoming quite real.

Tonight, the fans aren’t just dreaming it. They’re being it.



Directors Topher Payne and Charlie James Cote have reimagined The Rocky Horror Show– without changing a single word. In the inclusive spirit of this cult-favorite show, we are prioritizing diversity in casting. Actors are encouraged to audition regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, size, or physical ability. New musical arrangements eliminate the consideration of specific vocal range for each character. Anything is possible.

Please note that many characters in the show will perform in revealing or suggestive costumes, and some characters are scripted to perform sexually suggestive material. This production will employ an Intimacy Director to assure the safety and comfort of all artists in the company.

Woodstock Arts is deeply committed to building an inviting and inclusive arts community that celebrates individuality and diversity and treats everyone with fairness and respect. We invite artists of all genders, races, ages, sizes, and sexual orientations, as well as artists with disabilities to participate. We want to represent diverse communities in our organization and welcome you here. 

Woodstock Arts is taking extreme measures to ensure your safety and well-being. We want to make this experience as comfortable, safe, and fun as possible for everyone involved.
We Are Operating As A Fully Vaccinated Cast. Please see below for more details.
Auditions will be in-person on Sunday, July 17th starting at 5:00 pm in groups of six in 25 minute increments, please sign-up for an audition time below.
This audition process will look slightly different, so that we can build this ensemble-driven show.  Sign-ups are in 25 minute time-blocks, and all 6 actors in a time-block will be in the room together to form a support team as we jump from songs, to scenes and back.  From the directing team – “It’s more of a first-day-of-workshop vibe than an audition vibe.”
Video audition submissions will be accepted until Sunday, July 17th at 9:00 pm. You can send your Video Submission to Please Slate before your video audition. Actors must be 18 years old to audition.
In-person callbacks will take place on Wednesday, July 20th at 7:00 pm. Information about callbacks will be emailed separately.
(NOTE: you will still need to fill out the online audition form along with a video submission.)
For your audition please prepare:

Prepare approximately 60 seconds of an uptempo 1990s rock/pop/alternative song, performed a capella.

No prepared monologues needed- audition sides will be provided in advance. Memorization of sides not expected, but please be familiar with the material. Actors should come prepared to read for all roles.

Sides can be found HERE

For Video Submissions – 

For video submissions-

-Please slate with name, pronouns, height. Please let us know if you play a musical instrument or have dance training/experience. Please tell us about any movement related special skills too- juggling, burlesque, martial arts, champion yo-yo-ing, whatever you got, we want to know. 

-Perform 45-60 seconds of an uptempo 1990’s rock, pop, or alternative song (A Capella)

-Choose two sides from the available selection. Pick a motivation/circumstance from the list below and let it inform your choices. Please choose different motivations for each of your two sides. We’re looking for variety and bold swings. Please do not tell us which motivations you’ve chosen- we’ll enjoy guessing.

-If you would like to audition with a friend (encouraged!), you are welcome to submit a duet in lieu of your individual song. We are interested in hearing how your voice harmonizes and plays off of others. You’re welcome to tag-team the sides as well. If your auditioning partner would also like to be considered for a role, please ask them to fill out a separate audition form for themselves.  

           Motivations/Circumstances (pick one for each of your sides)

           -On a date, finally alone, and speaking to someone you’d  very much like to seduce

-In a small airplane during a lightning storm, all the lights have gone out, and you’re telling this story to the other passengers. It may be the last story you ever tell

-After working years in a crappy, undervalued position, all with the promise of eventual promotion and success, you’ve been let go immediately, without compensation. You’re telling this story an hour after you’ve gotten the news.

-After the funeral for your best friend, sitting outside, sharing stories with the people who knew them best.

Character Breakdown

Please Read: All performers will be considered for a variety of roles. Please do not prepare or submit for any one particular role based on previous knowledge of the material. Our casting choices will in many cases differ from traditional precedent.

Character Breakdown (In Order of Appearance- Our Version)

(Seeking 10-14 performers. Some performers may play multiple tracks.)

USHERETTE– Woman. The Phantom of Movie Magic. Puckish. Vaudevillian. A pure hearted
trouble maker with 1940’s pin-up girl stylings. Pulling the strings.

RIFF RAFF– Any gender. The dad friend (regardless of age or gender.) Outgrowing some
rebellious tendencies and at the start of taking life less seriously. Conflicted. Unflinching. A bit nerdy. Grungy. An overlooked outsider. Bogged down by their own quiet responsibleness.
(Performers comfortable playing guitar are a bonus.)

MAGENTA- Any gender. Witchy. Macabre. Loves a mood ring and silk scarf. Protective of
others. Sensitive, with a practiced tough exterior. Very newly sober. Gives off older sister
energy. Always the one holding someone’s hair back as they puke. Poetic.
(Particularly prioritizing performers of marginalized identities for this role- including POC, lgbt folks, or performers with physical disabilities- this is a character who faces constant challenge outside the safe bubble of their friend group.)

COLUMBIA- Any gender. Impulsive. Hopelessly romantic. Used to be the life of the party.
Disillusioned. A very capable, self-actualized person struggling with their sense of self after a
traumatic event. Grieving and angry over the death of their partner, Eddie. A loyal friend.

ROCKY- Man or masc-presenting non-binary person. Late teens. The baby of the group and new to this world. Kind and accepting of others. Newly out as gay and beginning to find the joy in that. Letting go of old coping mechanisms and learning to stand up for themself. A delightfully femme bubble gum pop prince.

FRANK n FURTER- *Any gender. Angsty, flirty, and wry. A compelling presence. Fiercely
passionate. Glitters under a spotlight. A glam rock punk. Literary, cinephile, intellectual.
Sexually fluid. A bit fluid in their gender presentation. Adept at making others feel seen,
attended to, and vulnerable. Uncomfortable confronting their own sincerity, difficult to get close to. The spiritual love-child of Courtney Love, David Bowie, Patti Smith, and Henry Rollins.(*All performers will be considered, but prioritizing performers of transgender, non-binary, or gender expansive experience. Particularly interested in considering trans men and trans-masculine folks.)

JANET- Woman. Early twenties. Curious. Clever. Open minded. Sheltered. A little bit of a
drama queen. Quippy. Snarky funny. Makes friends easily. Sexually frustrated. Smarter than
people give her credit for. Worried about the path her life is going down. Braver than she
realizes. Knows how to make other people feel strong and confident. Adventurous.

BRAD- Man. Early twenties. The boy next door. Coolest guy at the parties he’s been to so far
(which weren’t very good parties.) Difficult to get a rise out of, but easily wounded. Defensively jovial. Not hugely curious about other people. Struggling to transition from college days into adulthood. Skilled at seeming to accept others, in a politician-y sort of way. Driven by a lot of unnamed fear.

EDDIE- Any gender. Sweet, romantic. Cares about others more than themself. Troubled. Not
conventionally smart or praise worthy. Desperately seeking family and community in a puppy-ish way. A genuine, but not always reliable friend. Loves a good time. An addict. Running from real hurt. A bit stuck in immaturity.

Dr. Everett-Scott- Any gender. Over fifty. Eccentric. Self-assured in their weirdness. Joyfully
older than everyone else here. Sincerely likes to learn from young people. The cool teacher
who’s lived a lot of life outside the classroom. Creative sensibilities informed by 60’s and 70’s
counterculture. Had a sister they weren’t close to. Now contending with enormous guilt over the death of their sister’s kid, Eddie. (All genders will be considered, but particularly seeking women and non-binary folks.)

PHANTOMS/SUPPORTING ENSEMBLE- Any genders. Denizens of the video store. Misfits
who belong here. Inclined to “yes and” a wild idea. Rebellious, freaky, making this night count. (Non-vocalists and non-dancers will be considered for supporting ensemble. Not all phantoms will have a significant amount of singing or dancing expected of them [though some certainly will.] Seeking performers with unique looks and movement related special skills- juggling, burlesque, champion yo-yo-ing, skateboarding, etc. Ability to play a musical instrument is an additional bonus.)

The role of Narrator has been cast

Please email with any questions.
Rehearsals are scheduled Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM. Rehearsals are subject to change and may vary due to conflicts and director discretion.
This is a non-equity production and will provide a small stipend amount to all roles cast.

We are currently adhering to the following procedures:

We Are Operating As A Fully Vaccinated Cast. You will be asked to present your vaccination card at the time of entry and sign-in.

As we are a place of community gathering and artistic excellence, we will be following the AEA guidelines for our productions, and have chosen to produce our shows as a fully vaccinated company. By fully vaccinated, we mean that individuals will be two weeks post second vaccination (or Johnson & Johnson vaccine) by the start of rehearsals. As a result, we will only be offering roles to individuals who are vaccinated or who plan / are willing to be vaccinated before the start of rehearsals. Medical exemption information is included below.

For audition purposes –

1) If you have not been fully vaccinated at the time of the auditions – but are willing / intend to be vaccinated if cast – you can submit your callback sides via video submission 1b) If you are unvaccinated due to health reasons, you can submit you’re audition sides via video submission along with medical certification of the exemption. If cast under the exemption, the expectation will be to test weekly and provide a negative test at the start of the rehearsal week each week.

2) If you are fully vaccinated by the time of the audition date, please bring your vaccination card (or photo of card) with you and present it at the time of check-in.

2b)  If you are vaccinated but out-of-town and cannot make this auditions, please send a video of your sides along with proof of vaccination.

Most importantly, if you are sick or are feeling ill, please do not attend the auditions.  Let us know, take care of yourself, and send a video.

In case of exposure, all cast members will be expected to follow exposure protocol. While our policies are updating with the state of the world, our current requirement is for audiences to be fully masked during the performance.

Please be sure to read over Woodstock Arts’ full COVID In-Person program procedures before applying to audition:



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