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Mixed Media Technique & Intuitive Exploration.


August 14, 2024
 - October 9, 2024
4:30 pm
 – 6:30 pm


Ages 18 & up

On Wednesdays


Class Location

Reeves Art Studio


Come explore mixed media techniques by a local artist with graduate level therapy experience while learning to use your own artistic expression to find your story , release it and grow into a new and triumphant place. I have gone through therapist training and await licensure , but I am heavily influenced by art therapy technique, my own professional art journey as well as my intuitive nature. If you are ready to explore something you would like to leave behind … and grow into something new … come take this class. It is calling to you to be all you can be in a gentle and loving and accepting atmosphere. Please note. I am not offering therapy since I am still interning , but I am able to art coach you and use my experiences to best help you

There will be no class held September 28th.



Supplies List


High gloss gel medium 

Poly acrylic gel gloss (found at Lowe’s) 

Charcoal (black/grey/white) 

Oil pastels (sommelier brand recommended found at art store. Pick what resonates ) 

Canvas 11×18 

Canvas 24×36 

Mixed media paper pad 

Watercolor paper and other papers if you enjoy collage 

 As a mixed media artist I will be suggesting other ideas when I demo but you are NOT required to purchase unless you want to carry your work farther.



Tarn Eyl

Tarn Eyl is a long time local artist here in Woodstock. She is a mixed media artist who is known for her textural and descriptive style. Her passion to work with healing and therapeutic modalities with art come from a deep desire to encourage and inspire people to know how amazing they are just at being themselves. Tarn does life experience coaching as well as art workshops to help promote a sense of community and passion into the Woodstock and surrounding  arts. She has worked with at risk youth , hosted workshops at a local middle school level as well as done zoom workshops for people struggling with grief, addiction or trauma. Her life experience has taught her that every story is a unique expression that needs to be heard and expressed. Art is a doorway for such self exploration !


If you have any questions, please let us know.


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