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Intuitive Art


January 17, 2024
 - February 28, 2024
2:00 pm
 – 4:00 pm


Ages 18 & up

On Wednesdays


Class Location

Reeves Art Studio


With my therapy training and experience teaching, I bring an approach to teaching that is both fun and informative about personal growth and personal signature to your artwork. I observe the level of art and style in your work and help push you into areas of technique and expression that will better compliment your own natural style. The class if fun and involves some body movement and group sharing as well. It is a safe and positive environment where I encourage all people to process together and embrace and encourage each other. All levels of art are invited. I specialize in art therapy modalities and have recommendations from students who have incorporated my style of teaching and helped them grow past their limitations in a fun and exciting way.

Class space is limited.

There will be no class held February 14th.



Supplies List

Much of what I would like for you to have for class I will go over that first day. Depending on your level of experience, you may or may not have many of the supplies already. You can acquire the supplies as you go. This is a fun class that if you bring yourself to the class, that is the best part!

 For the first day, please bring the following: 

1. An art apron or shirt (optional but recommended) 

2. A mixed media paper pad (11×14 is fine or you can go larger- this is your choice) you can also bring in canvas or a wood panel as well, it really is up to you! If you are a beginner, paper is just fine!

 3. Invest in at least 1-3 nice and art grade, professional paint brushes. A filbert, A flat and a Fan brush are nice to start with. Or get a nice beginner pack if you haven’t your own collection yet. Brushes are your best friend when it comes to creating good art! They are also a personal choice, so if you want to come to class the first day and learn about them before you buy, that is fine as well! 

4. Acrylic paint (heavy body recommended), (this will be a better level of acrylic paint than the one supplied, but I like to have both levels of paint on hand, both the paint given from Woodstock Arts in the large pump jars and then have students bring higher level grade to use both for various techniques)

 5. Gel medium and Modeling Paste (Golden or Ultrecht makes a nice brand) (These next are optional and can be acquired as classes go on and I describe their use in artwork) 

6.. Oil sticks (3-5 of favorite colors or can wait until class to choose) These are optional for now, but if you have them this will be a wonderful addition to your art box!

 7. Oil pastels and or Pastels (a starter kit with these is great, I will also go over these so these are optional that first day and yet if you have them, bring them in, they are just a wonderful supply to have in your art box! 

8. Watercolors 

9.Art paper 

10. Graphite pencils 

11. Pens

12.Gloss Gel Medium and  Polyacrylic Gloss 


Tarn Eyl

Tarn Eyl is a long time local artist here in Woodstock. She is a mixed media artist who is known for her textural and descriptive style. Her passion to work with healing and therapeutic modalities with art come from a deep desire to encourage and inspire people to know how amazing they are just at being themselves. Tarn does life experience coaching as well as art workshops to help promote a sense of community and passion into the Woodstock and surrounding  arts. She has worked with at risk youth , hosted workshops at a local middle school level as well as done zoom workshops for people struggling with grief, addiction or trauma. Her life experience has taught her that every story is a unique expression that needs to be heard and expressed. Art is a doorway for such self exploration !


If you have any questions, please let us know.


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