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Clay Community: 9:00 Fri AM


August 16, 2024
 - October 11, 2024
9:00 am
 – 10:30 am


16 and up

On Fridays


Class Location

Kish Pottery Center


Welcome to the Clay Community-an 8 week hand building class that explores the many possibilities of the hand building process! Lessons will be taught in a way that allows options for project outcomes so that both beginners and advanced students enjoy. Skills will include steps for functional pieces, a decorative sculpture, and learn creative glazing techniques. Of course, artists may use the lessons as an inspiration and create what their heart desires. Classes come with access to a weekly open studio opportunity to practice skills. Join the clay community at the Kish Center!

There will be no class held September 20th.



Heather Stevens

Heather Stevens is an artist that loves utilizing creative objects in her work. She loves focusing on textures and combining art skills in unique ways. Teaching Ceramics brings her great joy; she loves that it provides students of all experience levels the opportunity to make impressive pieces.

When Heather isn’t staying up too late obsessing about her own art projects, she can be found working with her own Photography Company, exploring the beautiful outdoors with her family, or having fun with her children.

She has taught at Jan Dempsey Community Art Center, Jules Collins Smith Museum, and in various school systems. She loves working at, and managing, the Kish Center for Pottery and Ceramics!


If you have any questions, please let us know.


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