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Artist Toolbox


March 18, 2024
 - April 29, 2024
3:30 pm
 – 6:30 pm


Ages 18 & up

On Mondays

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Class Location

Reeves Art Studio


This course will focus on the skills and materials you need to create great acrylic paintings. Beginners will focus on learning the basic elements that go into making a great piece of art, while more seasoned artists will learn how to level up their work. Students will create studies to hone their new skills, and by the end of the session will complete a painting that they can be proud of using their new “toolbox” of skills. Students are asked to bring a canvas for their final painting but all other supplies for this class will be provided.

There will be no class held April 1st


Kacee Friedman

Kacee Friedman is a painter living in Woodstock, Georgia. She has a background in film and fashion, but has devoted the last 11 years to being a full time artist. She works in series and past collections featured moody landscapes, foggy roads and high fashion portraits. She has shown in multiple galleries in Atlanta and has been published in Create magazine. Her most recent solo show was at Echo Contemporary and was featured in the AJC.


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